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SAT Prep Class

By December 19, 2018April 30th, 2020Events/Offerings

What sets us apart?

At Mundo Academy, we focus on developing Students’ critical thinking skills. We equip students for the challenges of the SAT by building their perspective, so that they can think through problems posed in the exam in multiple ways. Strategy is important, and we do highlight question structure and context in our review, but we also help students master their ability to synthesize information, so that they become better readers and more logically oriented in their approach.

Schedule Details

Our Winter 2018-2019 SAT Prep offerings begin the week of January 12th and are designed to target the March SAT Exam. For students enrolled in the Plus and Premium plans, we’ll meet as a class on five Saturdays over the course of the following 8 weeks. Test prep sessions and individualized review sessions will take place on dates and times within this two month span that work best for you and your child’s schedule.