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How to Find and Apply for Scholarships

Like many things, college applications have also been affected by the pandemic. For some students, the lack of SAT and ACT requirements has made it easier to apply for college. For others, the pandemic has made it financially challenging to pursue higher education. However, many students may not be fully aware of all the financial options available to them. Today, we’ll be talking all about how to find and apply for scholarships. What scholarships can I apply for? There are a wide range of scholarships available for students based on…
Brianna Chu
April 20, 2022
Financing College

Promising News for College Bound Students

California College Promise Plan Californians celebrated in 2017 when lawmakers passed the California College Promise program which allocated $46 million to 114 community colleges to help with college costs, not restricted to tuition. It left the option to the colleges on how to use the money. Some colleges, such as Mount Saint Antonio College chose to not use any of their funds for tuition and instead used the funds on student services for all new first-time students. Other colleges used some of the money to help students with tuition, while…
Mundo Academy
July 16, 2019
Financing College

The Net Price Calculator: Estimate the Cost of College

What is the Net Price Calculator? You may have questions about how to use and understand a college’s Net Price Calculator. This tool allows you to compare the costs of your prospective colleges prior to applying. First, you give  that school information about yourself and your family’s financial status. Then, that institution can provide you with information about financial aid options. The Net Price Calculator lets you check the affordability of the particular college, regardless of the college’s sticker price—which is rarely the actual amount families will pay for college.…
Mundo Academy
June 10, 2019