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Jumpstart Reading!

with Mundo Academy

Jumpstart Reading! is a 6-8 week program tailored to each individual student based on their grade, interests, and goals.

The main focus of our program is to improve and support students’:

Reading Fluency

Comprehension Skills



Each student receives a free diagnostic and analysis, which will inform the student’s individualized program proposal. Areas of opportunity and improvement will vary, so programs can include a focus on a variety of skills.

Elementary School

Focus on improving mastery in:

  • Phonics: Knowledge of sounds, letters, and letter patterns
  • Phonemic awareness: Breaking words down into sounds
  • Phonological awareness: Breaking sounds down into components
  • Reading fluency: Pace, ease of reading, and accurate comprehension
  • Vocabulary and spelling

Middle School

Focus on improving reading mastery with a greater emphasis on reading comprehension skills, such as:

  • Main idea identification
  • Summarizing
  • Discerning key information and supporting details
  • Problem solving
  • Inference
  • Self-questioning
  • Using background knowledge
  • Author’s purpose
  • Recognizing sequencing, transition, and comparison word cues
  • Understanding vocabulary using context clues

High School

Reinforcement of students’ knowledge of literary and rhetorical devices in concert with support in advanced reading comprehension skills.

Advanced Reading for AP Exams

This comprehensive program teaches students the necessary skills to decipher and analyze more complex texts and sources. These skills can be applied to many types of AP exams, especially English, History, and Science APs.

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