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What Sets Us Apart

Mundo Academy offers tutoring and test prep in Pasadena, CA and surrounding areas. Our focus is to create a warm, welcoming environment in which students can target areas of need and find their academic voice. Our mission is to foster educational equality by providing academic preparation services to an economically and ethnically diverse student population. For this reason, we partner with schools and nonprofits to offer low cost and free test prep opportunities. By helping your child, you help us bring valuable services to the community at large.

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Academic Coaching

Students often need a helping hand in learning how to navigate school. Whether they need support with study skills, time management, homework, organization and grade management, our experts will create academic plans to help students reach their ultimate potential.



We offer expert tutoring for students in all learning levels in Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Spanish. Tutoring with us not only targets students’ needs, but it also works to fill in the gaps in foundational knowledge so as to ensure future success.


Test Prep

Our individualized test prep programs take a three-pronged approach. We select substantive material that targets the academic skills that are necessary for the exam. Then, we teach test-taking strategies. Finally, Students apply that knowledge during practice test where they develop speed and accuracy.


"Marina has been a gift to our family. She is a consummate professional who has taken our son's academic challenges and turned them around with her gifts of knowledge, organization and strategy. I highly recommend Marina to any student who needs extra support, she is simply THE best!"

Heidi Johnson

"Marina is a well-equipped tutor. She worked with my son regularly for Pre-calculus and has the patience and skills to help students that need more of an in-depth review of the material. She is patient and understands how to teach to the specific learning needs and style of your student. We recommend Marina to other families who are looking for help in high school math."

Rose Gonzalez

"My daughter had done some SAT prep, taken the SATs twice but was not satisfied with her scores. Marina tailored an 8-week plan aimed at my daughter's personal needs. Marina provided a clear, efficient, and comfortable learning environment. My daughter improved her SAT score by 180 points and surpassed her personal goal by 50 points. With her SAT score to complement her GPA, she was able to put forth a competitive application which got her into her top choice colleges. Thanks Marina!"

Yvette Garcia-Flores

"My daughter had an extremely busy schedule. We found Marina and explained to her that we needed to maximize the effectiveness of private ACT preparation in a short amount of time to ensure that my daughter scored well on the test. My daughter increased her score by 3 points to a 34 thanks to the dedicated, strategic, and targeted approach that Marina took. She not only provided guidance on how to take the test, she also provided tips and tricks on to how to approach the ACT test. Everything was well worth the cost and I would highly recommend Marina to anyone looking to efficiently improve their ACT or SAT scores."

Jeff Day

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Mundo Academy SAT Study Session September 28

LAUFA SAT Study Session October 4- Register!

SAT October 5

LAUFA College Info Session  October 26- Register


LAUFA College Application Info Session

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Flintridge Sacred Heart Study Skills Workshops

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Creating A Testing Timeline

Now is a great time to start planning for your college entrance exam journey to ultimately get into your dream school. Investing some time and energy into a plan now will save you a lot of unnecessary stress. Furthermore, it will give you the confidence you need to get an awesome score. We created a general timeline to use, starting your junior year. Since every student has a different schedule with various activities, we recommend you use our timeline as a general outline and change it to tailor it to…