Current Partners:

Puente Learning Center

Founded more than 30 years ago, Puente Learning Center serves Boyle Heights and surrounding communities in East and South Los Angeles and has impacted more than 100,000 students since its inception. Puente provides tuition-free programming for all ages– early childhood, youth, and adult education. Puente’s programming includes SAT Prep courses, where 85% of students enrolled will be first generation college students. Puente provides ESL, high school diploma, digital initiatives courses in addition to Pre-K, Kindergarten, and after school programming for children. Mundo Academy offers no cost SAT Prep courses at Puente Learning Center.

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

Flintridge Sacred Heart, a Catholic, Dominican, independent, college-preparatory, day and boarding school, educates young women for a life of faith, integrity, and truth. Flintridge Sacred Heart is committed to educating the whole person in a setting that allows adolescent girls to flourish into young women that are well-prepared for college and beyond. Students have the privilege of learning in an environment based on centuries of Dominican teachings and traditions. The pursuit of truth—in their studies, their faith, their service, and their community—becomes the fabric of their daily lives as it has for the thousands of young women that came before them. Mundo Academy partners with Flintridge Sacred Heart by offering Study Skills courses for their 9th grade students. 

Los Angeles United Futbol Academy

LAUFA is the first Soccer Academy in the US to provide a premier soccer experience for youth regardless of socio-economic standing. LAUFA partners with athletes’ parents in order to manage their academic career through mentoring, after-school tutoring and academic scholarships. LAUFA inspires greatness on and off the field! Mundo partners with LAUFA to provide their athletes SAT preparation as well as a college information session. 

I thought this session was very helpful, it provided good test taking strategies and helped the test seem more manageable. -Jasper W.

This session was helpful, we went over useful tips that I were new to me. Even though some material was review, I learned helpful skills in reading and math. -Samantha A.

This course helped me learn how to take the test more effectively, faster, and learn more material. -Rachelle S.

I think the strength of the course was being able to focus equally on each section. -Esmeralda C.