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Together, We Can Make a Difference!

Mundo Academy customizes our programs to fit your school's or organization's needs. We offer a wide range of services that aim to improve students' academic performance. We also communicate with parents, keeping them informed every step of the way.


Students will learn how to effectively navigate school systems to get the support they need.

Support for English Language Learners

Students will learn tools to help them master ELD Standards in efforts to Reclassify. Students will practice test strategies specific to the language and format in the ELPAC.


Whether it's a small cohort of students who need added support or a full-fledged tutoring program, we can design it for you!

Study Routines and Schedules

Students will create their schedules for the week and incorporate time needed to complete homework assignments, study for upcoming tests, work on projects, family responsibilities, and self-care.

Going to College

Students will learn about the importance of a college education. We will explore different paths to college while exploring colleges and universities.


We use our expertise to create SAT/ACT programs for students of all ability levels. Our preparation programs ensure that students cover not only strategy but also key content.

I thought this session was very helpful, it provided good test taking strategies and helped the test seem more manageable. -Jasper W.

This session was helpful, we went over useful tips that were new to me. Even though some material was review, I learned helpful skills in reading and math. -Samantha A.

This course helped me learn how to take the test more effectively, faster, and learn more material. -Rachelle S.

I think the strength of the course was being able to focus equally on each section. -Esmeralda C.

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