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Workshops for every grade level! Learn more below.

Looking to get ahead of the game this summer? With four workshops tailored to a variety of age ranges and skills, Mundo Academy has got you covered!

Between June – August 2024, we will be hosting a series of workshops at our Pasadena office. These workshops will focus on Reading and Writing for Elementary and Middle School students, and Study Skills and Test Prep for Middle and High School students. Each workshop forms a bundle of sessions, meaning that you get to sharpen your skills and save money for all your summer vacation plans. Read on to find out more, and click the links to reserve your spot!

Jumpstart Reading Workshops

With two distinct courses designed for different age groups, Jumpstart Reading encourages a love of reading, and helps students discover how they can read with more efficiency and joy. Looking at a variety of subjects and materials – from nature and government, to poetry and technology – students will focus on the skills they need in order to succeed in class. Jumpstart Elementary focuses on developing beginner Reading Comprehension skills, such as citing a text, making predictions and summaries, and asking questions. Students in Jumpstart Middle will spend time with more complex texts, and consider more advanced concepts like author purpose and perspective, making inferences, and understanding metaphors. All materials provided! To find out more, email, and click the links to reserve your spot on the Elementary or Middle level workshops!

Critical Reading and Writing Workshops

A step up from Jumpstart Middle, Critical Reading and Writing is designed to be a college readiness course for more advanced readers. Moving beyond how to read standard texts, Critical Reading and Writing teaches students how to break down and analyze academic papers, scholarly journal entries, and some of the most important historical documents of recent times. The structure and function of these readings will then be applied to students’ own work through advanced annotation and essay writing exercises. This process will clarify how students can improve their own writing through more effective word choices, transitional phrases, grammar, and rhetorical devices, thus creating more sophisticated written abilities, reading for college life. The course will also serve as an introduction to college practices, such as creating bibliographies and understanding footnotes. To find out more, email, or click the link to reserve your spot on the Critical Reading and Writing workshop!

Study Smarter Not Harder Workshops

Study Smarter Not Harder tackles one of the biggest challenges facing any student, and often something that most are left to figure out on their own: how to study! If you or your student often finds themselves distracted, not sure where to begin, or feeling overwhelmed by what’s ahead, Study Smarter Not Harder is for you! By applying cutting-edge psychoanalytic techniques and pedagogical awareness, this course will teach students to identify how they learn best and apply appropriate strategies, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal stress. Focusing on effective notetaking, forming healthy study habits, taking responsibility, and perfecting time management, the goal of Study Smarter Not Harder is to create competent and confident young adults, ready to take on the world. To find out more, email, or click the link to reserve your spot on the Study Smarter Not Harder workshop!

SAT/ACT Workshops

With the SAT going fully digital this year, the standardized test-taking landscape may be looking understandably concerning for both students and parents alike! Thankfully, Mundo Academy has you covered with our SAT/ACT Workshops. Figure out which test is right for you with an in-depth look at the pros and cons of both, as well as practice tests to determine where your strengths lie. The SAT and ACT are unfortunately not straightforward knowledge tests – you need to learn the tricks, traps, and techniques needed in order to succeed on these often confounding exams! Many students often feel they are stronger in either the English or Math section: with classes covering both, you can be sure that you’ll be able to ace your strengths, and be confident with everything else. To find out more, email, or click the link to reserve your spot on the SAT/ACT workshop!