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How To Write Better Essays for High School

What Do You Want to Say? When you write, you’re talking to someone, whether that’s your teacher, your classmates, your friends, or even strangers. This is why so many people recommend reading your written work aloud when you edit: you can hear if your sentences sound right and whether your argument or statement makes sense. There aren’t usually right or wrong answers when you write (unless you’re writing a summary or describing something); it all depends on your opinion and perspective. Getting to know yourself and your stances on different…
Monica Ruz
May 13, 2021
NewsParenting Tips

Depression and Anxiety in Teens: Social Media Use

Is social media to blame for the increase in depression and anxiety in teens? It can be hard to tell, given that engagement in social media is a fairly new phenomenon. While many researchers of social media and depression and anxiety agree that the factors that contribute to mental health conditions are too nuanced for a straightforward statement (Keles et al., 2020: 88), we thought we would share some notable research regarding teen mental health and social media use. Depression and Anxiety in Teens Depression and anxiety in young people…
Mundo Academy
December 20, 2020

How to Increase Engagement and Attention for your Child

Online instruction has everyone sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time. In the real classroom, students are often moving from table to rug or to different learning centers. Unfortunately, this is not possible when learning virtually. Expecting our children to pay attention for long periods of time can be unrealistic depending on their age. However, there are strategies parents can employ to increase engagement. Plan small exercises together to increase engagement Make a list of exercises for your child to do during breaks or when they are…
Mundo Academy
December 3, 2020

How to create good study routines for your elementary age child

Creating good study routines for your child can be very tough during online learning. Dealing with work, multiple zoom meetings going on at once and trying to keep your children a top student can be exhausting! Fear not! There are steps you can take to better aid your child in their behavior and success during these trying times.  Good Study Routines for Homework Is it on their classroom blog, Schoology, Google Classroom? Does your child write down the homework in a notebook or in an online journal?How often is homework posted,…
Mundo Academy
November 14, 2020

Zoom Tips

Zoom Tips and Etiquette for Students If you are a student looking to get the most out of long distance learning and get good grades, read on. We have some useful Zoom Tips to success! First off, make sure you are on time to every class by getting into your zoom session early. Zoom can sometimes fail and you may end up needing to log on several times before successfully joining your session. So, your first Zoom tip is to give yourself a few minutes before your zoom session actually…
Mundo Academy
September 6, 2020

Test Optional Policies and Coronavirus

Determine What Is Best For You A few months ago we wrote a blog about Test Optional Policies Backfiring on Underrepresented Groups. The blog questioned institutional motives for going test optional. Many schools receive major benefits to their college rankings as a consequence of higher selectivity and higher average test scores due to test-optional policies. All signs pointed to the negative effects of test-optional policies on low-income and minority students. However, because of the coronavirus, the playing field has drastically changed for high school juniors.  This blog will help you…
Mundo Academy
May 21, 2020