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FREE Diagnostic Exams

Take a free exam for the SAT, ACT, ISEE or HSPT and receive a full score analysis

Test in person or at home!


Prepare for approaching ACT and SAT test dates with us!

Whether your school is hosting the exam or you are taking one on a Saturday, we can help you! If you haven’t prepared for the SAT or ACT and want some pointers or need a refresher, then our one-on-one sessions are perfect for you.

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We’ll teach you how to manage your time so that you can achieve the greatest number of points possible.

Engaging Lessons

Our expertise teaching both online and in person will keep you focused and learning. All lessons will be recorded for later viewing.


We’ll review key content in math and grammar that appears consistently.

Experienced Teachers

Our empathetic and encouraging tutors lead students through our specialized curriculum—shaped by a decade of test preparation experience—for the SAT and ACT and can effectively teach you the skills needed to excel in these exams.


We’ll give you access to our list of vocabulary words to know for the exam.

Curated Materials

Over the years, we have gathered the best materials to use in our course. You’ll have access to our files so that you can practice and review.

Test Prep Details

Mundo Academy would like to help you prepare for your entrance exams.

We can teach you the following:

  • Test-Taking Strategy
  • Time Management
  • Conquer Testing Anxiety
  • How to Approach Math Problems
  • Commonly Tested Grammar
  • How to Spot Right/Wrong Reading Answers
  • Essay Writing Tips
  • Using Khan Academy for SAT Prep

Our programs are designed with you in mind. You don’t have to sign any contracts or buy huge bundles. Our rate is $80 an hour, which includes all practice tests and materials. The first step is to take a diagnostic or send us scores from your PSAT or previous practice test. From there, we create a proposal. Typical programs are 10-15 hours long depending the student’s needs. We also offer budget friendly alternatives in which students can study independently and meet with a tutor as needed. We are willing to work with you, so give us a call!

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