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On October 27th, Mundo Academy hosted its first SAT Bootcamp at Puente Learning Center. The class came one day after the Los Angeles Dodgers’ historical 18-inning win over the Boston Red Sox in Game 3 of the World Series. Despite everyone’s fatigue, students enthusiastically came to learn strategies for the November 3rd exam.


We had representation from 6 local high schools. Students learned grammar concepts including subject-verb agreement, pronoun agreement, word choice, and comparisons. They also had an extensive review of math topics such as linear equations and quadratics. Students received a number of resources including a list of Must Know Math Formulas, a link to vocabulary study sets and practice tests. You can find those resources below. Please feel free to share them with students who may benefit!


In addition to reviewing key concepts, Mundo Academy also taught students strategies that will help them effectively navigate the exam. Mundo Academy used its expertise to guide students on timing, elimination strategies and how to identify incorrect answer choices.


While we recognize that a 4-hour session will not fully prepare students for such an important exam, our goal was to equip students with tools that will help them improve their scores. At Mundo Academy, we believe that all students should have access to test preparation, which can make a significant difference on their scores. Higher test scores can allow students to broaden their college search and qualify for scholarships.


To learn more about our test preparation services or to give us to opportunity to host a course or bootcamp at your organization, please contact us!