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Creating a list of prospective colleges can be overwhelming. We have created some easy steps for you to follow, making the process of picking schools easier and lighter. There are more than 5,300 colleges and universities in the United States. Therefore, parents and their teenage kids often have many questions about how to choose amongst all the choices. In order to create an optimal list, families must look at a few important criteria: affordability, fit, and access.

Be Open-Minded

You must also start the process with flexibility of thought. Often times parents and their teens become overly fixated on schools because of their college ranking, the name, or even because of their football team. Instead of focusing on criteria that means nothing in the grand scheme of things, families must focus on practical aspects of attending college such as the majors offered, financial fit, job placement, graduate school access, and alumni network.

Steps To Creating A List of Prospective Colleges

Here are Mundo Academy’s steps to follow:

Steps to Creating a College List Infographic
  1. During your Junior year of high school, start doing your research. You will streamline this list the time in between your Junior and Senior year. At that point you will have more information on your test scores and your GPA. This information will let you know which schools are accessible to you based on your demographic. Make a stop and look at college campuses with your family if your destination has a college nearby. Some families have a budget for college campus visits. Check out our blog on College Tours.
  2. Pick 2 Back Up Schools. Back Up Schools are those in which you are certain to be accepted because your GPA and test scores are better than the average accepted student’s profile. Make sure that one of the two Back Up Schools is also a financially sound school for your family’s financial situation.
  3. Pick 4 Target Schools. These are schools where your GPA and test scores look like the average student accepted. You have a 50/50 chance of getting admitted to these schools. These schools should not include elite schools that are difficult to get into. Those schools are considered Reach Schools.
  4. Pick 2 Reach Schools, which are schools where you are unlikely to get accepted. The average accepted students have higher GPAs and test scores than you. Only apply to these schools if you have a special talent or background that make you stand out from the other students. You must ensure that you have great recommendation letters and stellar college entrance essays.

Contact Us

Finally, after you’ve finished creating a list prospective colleges, you’ll need the grades and test scores to get accepted. If you need help with studying or testing, do not hesitate to contact us. Starting in middle school and leading into high school, we can be of great assistance. You will make the best of your journey, ensuring your happiness, safety, and future success with us on your side.