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Zoom Tips

Zoom Tips and Etiquette for Students If you are a student looking to get the most out of long distance learning and get good grades, read on. We have some useful Zoom Tips to success! First off, make sure you are on time to every class by getting into your zoom session early. Zoom can sometimes fail and you may end up needing to log on several times before successfully joining your session. So, your first Zoom tip is to give yourself a few minutes before your zoom session actually…
Mundo Academy
September 6, 2020


Become an instructor for students in high school. You will be matched with one or more school sites throughout out Los Angeles. You will be expected to work on Saturdays from 8am-12pm. Tutors will help students with Critical Reading, Writing, Study Skills, Time Management, AP Preparation and SAT/ACT Preparation. We will provide all materials, lessons, and training. Spanish-speaking applicants preferred, but not required. Applicants must show a strong desire to mentor students, an ability to inspire high expectations and encourage students to go to college. Apply today if you have…
Mundo Academy
June 29, 2020
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How to Stay Focused: Tips for Testing

Continuing our series about tips for Test Taking and Test Anxiety, we will be discussing how to Refocus and Stay Focused! In our last blog, we discussed 3 ways to help combat test anxiety:  CALM our bodies, be CONFIDENT in our minds, and FOCUS.  Before we outline 3 Steps to Help you Stay Focused, we need to examine disconnection. Disconnection is a way we cope with stress, as we disconnect or move away from our work or our goals. It can manifest in our mind, body, and spirit. Disconnection... Of…
Mundo Academy
June 18, 2020

Test Optional Policies and Coronavirus

Determine What Is Best For You A few months ago we wrote a blog about Test Optional Policies Backfiring on Underrepresented Groups. The blog questioned institutional motives for going test optional. Many schools receive major benefits to their college rankings as a consequence of higher selectivity and higher average test scores due to test-optional policies. All signs pointed to the negative effects of test-optional policies on low-income and minority students. However, because of the coronavirus, the playing field has drastically changed for high school juniors.  This blog will help you…
Mundo Academy
May 21, 2020
Time Management During Quarantine Photo
Study Skills

Time Management Schedules for the Quarantine

Due to the safer-at-home measures, students all around the world are struggling to maintain a schedule at home that incorporates both work and relaxation. Effective time management is crucial for the next few weeks. In this blog, you will find strategies to keep a good balance and get your work done.  When you think of time management, you must think in terms of long-term goals, middle, and short-term.  Long Term Time Management Long-term schedules are for a longer period of time, something like a semester or a month. Since this…
Mundo Academy
May 14, 2020
Getting Ready for College

College Prep During Covid-19: To-Do Lists

What Will Colleges Look For? In light of all the changes in college entrance requirements and processes, many students and their parents are wondering what colleges will be looking for in the next wave of admissions. Typically, students know exactly what colleges seek in a strong college applicant. However, this year things are looking blurry. With the cancellation of the SAT/ACT, extracurricular activities on hold, and the difficulty of assessing grades via online learning, students are left to their own initiative and drive to build their resume. Making yourself stand…
Monica Ruz
May 7, 2020
Parenting Tips

Teenagers During Quarantine: Advice & Tips

Living through this quarantine as a young person can be very difficult because it is the perfect time to go out with friends, experience new things, travel and have fun. But with the safer-at-home order, many young people are experiencing sadness, anger, and anxiety. These desperate times call for some creativity. Most of all, it calls for some structure and strategy. Here is some advice for teenagers during quarantine. It is completely normal to feel anxiety during quarantine time. You Are Not Alone- Teenagers During Quarantine Knowing that many people, regardless…
Mundo Academy
April 30, 2020
College Entrance Exams

Spring Testing Updates and Suggestions

College Entrance Test Changes *Updated April 21, 2020 Given all the changes occurring in the College Admissions process in regards to testing and test prep, we’ve compiled some suggestions as to how to proceed. We are here to support you during this difficult time!  We are all adjusting to remote learning. This is true for parents, students, teachers, and tutors alike. However, this is also an adjustment period for the College Board, ACT, and colleges and universities across the country and around the globe. Colleges and universities are aware of…
Mundo Academy
April 12, 2020
College Entrance Exams

Tips For Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is a common obstacle for students and we have some strategies to help! During this challenging time of plenty of adjustment and stress, we want to share some tools to help reduce test anxiety. Read on for Tips for Test Anxiety. First, we need to understand a little more about stress.  In 1908, psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John D. Dodson found a relationship between stress levels and performance. Too much stress can cause us to feel overwhelmed. Too little stress often leaves us feeling unmotivated. However, we can…
Mundo Academy
April 7, 2020
Study Skills

Study Skills Every Student Should Know

Study Skills to Study Smarter, Not Harder Our Study Skills Course teaches evidence-based strategies students need to know to study more effectively. There are several strategies that experts have linked to academic success along with key characteristics of highly effective students. In our last Study Skills Blog, we discussed the difference between studying for short-term and long-term use. In this blog series, we will go over one of the most effective study habits all students should integrate into their study routine.  High school students do a lot of studying during…
Mundo Academy
March 17, 2020