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Track Your Child’s Academic Progress by keeping a portfolio

Did you know that teachers keep portfolios of your child’s work? It helps them see their student’s progress. We believe that parents should do the same at home! Keep track of your child’s academic progress by putting work they do at home in a folder/box or a virtual folder/drive. Then visit it once a month in order to see progression in academics, creativity and content.

Importantly, students who excel in school typically practice content at home. For instance, use DIY mini lessons or activities from YouTube or journaling. Then put this work in a folder where your child can see their work. Consequently, your child will be able to view their progress firsthand by comparing past work to current work. Together you can also check for progress in grammar, understanding, spelling and so much more! Reinforce learning at home and watch your child’s academics sky rocket as a result!

Setting Goals

Achieving a goal you’ve been striving for is an excellent way to track your progress. Set a few attainable goals with your child to maintain momentum and progression. Make sure that the goals are challenging, yet attainable for your child. Plan and revisit goals weekly, monthly, yearly or by the semester! You can even focus goals on specific subjects your child needs an extra push on. Toss in an incentive if need be to keep your child motivated.

A helpful tool to keep your child working consistently on goals is to set up a “reminder board” where they can view their goals every day. In order to update your board, talk with your child’s teacher about your child’s goals. Checking off tasks as they are completed provides a great visual for your child. Moreover, your child will feel a sense of accomplishment when checking off acquired skills.

Track Your Child’s Academic Progress by being involved with your child’s school work

One of the easiest ways to track your child’s academic progress is to communicate with their teacher. Include your child in discussions with their teacher to make learning and improving an open discussion at home and at school. Try asking what you can do at home to aid them with their academics and start planning future conferences to be up to date on their progress. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to their teacher often, ask your child what subjects they’re studying at school. Create a list of goals or write them on a calendar and work to achieve them by creating fun mini activities that reinforce their learning.

In conclusion, help your child excel in school and gain confidence in their abilities by reinforcing their learning on your own time.

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