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Creating good study routines for your child can be very tough during online learning. Dealing with work, multiple Zoom meetings at once, and trying to keep your children top students can be exhausting! Fear not! There are steps you can take to better aid your child in their behavior and success during these trying times. 

Good Study Routines for Homework

  • Is it on their classroom blog, Schoology, Google Classroom? 
  • Does your child write down the homework in a notebook or in an online journal?
  • How often is homework posted, is it weekly, daily? A good study routine includes a specific time during the day to regularly check for new assignments.
  • Is it digitally submitted, paper and pencil work with a picture posted, posted through a specific app?
  • How do you post pictures of their work? Work on this step with your child so they can do it themselves. 

Be creative if you have questions about the subjects taught

Helping your child with homework can be difficult if you yourself need to learn the subject. The easiest way to solve this is to just look up Youtube videos on various subject. If you’re busy, save the links and ask your child to view them during their study time. They can do this as a fun learning break from book reading.

Good Study Routines for Parent & Child

  • How long should breaks be in equivalence to their work time? Ask for their input and how long they can sit still for a study session. 
  • Plan mini break activities during study sessions. Students can get up and refocus after a few seconds of break if they find themselves distracted/unmotivated.
  • Plan rewards for full completion of homework at the end of the day/week/month. You can decide together or surprise them based off of your child’s interests. Some examples include: Your child can choose their snack for the day or get extra play time outside. They can choose the family game to play on game night or a trip to the beach or park. Be creative and have fun!
  • Plan dedicated time for studying by subject area. Focus on completing the assigned homework first, then have one-on-one study time with your child in their weaker subject areas. Remember to utilize Youtube videos you have found that may help them.

Good Study Routines- Set Goals

  • Of course you want to aim for intrinsic motivation but young students usually need that extra push of an extrinsic motivation. 
  • If a student completes their work or studies effectively for a certain amount of time, offer them an award of their choice (more TV time, choice of snack to eat, extra time to play outside)
  • If you have a long term goal for good grades/good work ethic, offer something more rewarding like a plushy or a dinner of their choice!

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