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Motivate by encouraging, modeling, and rewarding your child

By January 18, 2021Parenting Tips

Here are some useful tips on how to motivate your child to do their best during online learning. We give you tips on how to motivate by encouraging, modeling, and rewarding.

Motivate by: Encouraging your child to find at least one interesting fact each day during online-learning.

  • Ask your child to give you a daily “fun fact” they learned during school.
  • Consistently ask your child to share their interesting facts during dinner time or right after class. Turn it into a fun daily routine!
  • Promote that there is something interesting and beneficial they can learn from each class session. This will help them stay attentive during class time while they listen for their “fun fact”.

Motivate by: Watching an adult model learning on a daily basis.

  • Show your child that you learn every day, too! This will help your child make the connection that learning is a lifelong skill they will continue to develop.
  • Don’t be afraid to show that you are confused or do not understand something. Talk through the steps you do to troubleshoot your problems. Your child will not only be more comfortable making mistakes when they are confronted with unknown situations but will know the steps to take in order to solve them. This modeling will help them tremendously in developing their problem-solving skills both in and out of the classroom. 
  • Keep in mind that your child sees you as their role model. Emphasize the fun in learning and that no one is perfect!

Motivate by: Extrinsic and intrinsic motivators

  • Teach students to make goals while they learn. To begin the motivation, give them little prizes to look forward to after completing the goal. After they have achieved several goals, begin to introduce intrinsic motivators and remind them of how good it feels to complete a goal. 
  • Prizes could include: picking any snack they want during recess, choosing what meal they eat for dinner, small toys/stationery from the dollar store, extra time outside to play, or extra time on a device/tv.
  • Throughout setting goals together, promote the idea of intrinsic motivation. Try to teach your child that learning benefits their daily lives and is a lifelong skill they will need to develop. Until then, sometimes a tangible goal is a great start to motivating your child to reach a goal. 


Online learning has made motivation to succeed in school fall more and more on parents. Use these techniques to help your child feel good about their successes and aim to give their best effort. As your child continues to adapt these motivators, you will most likely see a change in both their grades and personality as they begin to accomplish goals they strive to succeed at. Look at more ways to help your child at home during online learning at Mundo Academy’s Elementary blog pages. These include: How to create a good study routine and how to keep your child engaged for long periods of time.