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Invest in a tutor for a variety of reasons. Tutors can help your child in specific areas where they are struggling. Tutors can also help your child excel past the rest of the class. A tutor is also an excellent way to meet your child’s specific needs. 

Reason One to invest in a tutor: To help excel past what is given in class

Is your child excelling way past their grade level peers? The curriculum in class may be too easy. Bored students may end up distracted/unmotivated to challenge themselves during class time. With a tutor assigning them challenging and fun tasks, your child will be motivated to excel past their classmates. A tutor can give your child an appropriate curriculum to challenge them to excel at their strengths. This can also be a way to strengthen passions they have. For example, maybe they want to learn more about wildlife. With a tutor who knows your child’s interests, they can create in-depth, child friendly lessons. Move beyond the surface-level learning typically found in classrooms. With a tutor, you can choose to go above and beyond basic school curriculum and give your child lessons they can feel invested in. 

Reason Two to invest in a tutor: To help with weaker subjects

On the other hand, tutors can give your child support on subjects they are struggling with. You can ask your tutor to help your child with specific homework assignments, or ask them to cover a subject they’re learning in school. There is flexibility in what the tutor can cover with your child. This makes it easy to identify the specific help your child needs. Tutors also get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses within specific subjects. Tutors will narrow down the root “problem” your child may be facing and help them progress in school, too!

Reason Three: Receive one on one help, a teacher can only do so much

It is overwhelming for teachers to teach virtually. It’s nearly impossible to give your child adequate one-on-one time. The best way to combat this is to get a tutor and offer your child a chance to learn from someone who’s sole goal is to help your child succeed. A tutor will get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help them work on your child’s weaknesses by utilizing their strengths. In addition, tutors often incorporate study skills while tutoring academic subjects. Extra practice and personal attention will improve your child’s academic performance exponentially. You may even see your child develop increased interest in their academics as they gain confidence in their everyday learning at school. 

Reason Four: Tutors get to know your child’s personality and what they like, can incorporate it into curriculum

Another huge advantage of investing in a tutor is the personal and dedicated relationship that develops. A tutor can get to know your child’s personality and interests which can make learning engaging and effective. Their classroom teacher must appeal to the entire class, but a tutor can create lessons using their specific interests. Students will see that learning can be fun and immersive with this specifically tailored curriculum. Tailored lessons increase productivity. Investing in a tutor ensures your child receive individualized attention so they learn beyond what is expected. Incorporating their interests will make learning fun and unique to your child’s specific needs and desires. 

To learn more about our tutors or to schedule an appointment, visit our About Us page. We look forward to being a part of your child’s academic success team!