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Many students received their SAT scores this week. While many focus on the total score, the score report offers a lot more information that can help them prepare for their next test attempt. When Mundo Academy reviews a score report to develop a plan, we analyze several pieces of information. We will share our process with you on how to understand your SAT score report.


First, we look at the Test Scores section, especially for the Reading and Writing score. Since the Section Score is a combination of these two sections, the Test Scores give us insight into which of the two sections—if either—proved more difficult for the student. Often one section will be lower than the other, so we know that we need to zero in on that skill. If both scores are similar, then we do a thorough review of both.


Next, we focus on the Subscores. The Subcores tell us more about the specific material we need to cover. These scores guide our math plans and help us determine where our prep must begin.

Words in Context: Vocabulary

Expression of Ideas: Clarity in writing

Standard English Conventions: Grammar

Heart of Algebra: Algebra 1 (linear functions, solving equations and inequalities, exponent rules)

Problem Solving and Analysis: Mean, median, mode, statistics, reading tables/graphs, percents

Passport to Advanced Math: Algebra 2


Finally, the Cross-Test Scores help us determine if we need to do a review of science concepts or US History. The reading section includes passages based on history and science, so having baseline knowledge will greatly help students decipher the readings.


Many students use Khan Academy to help them study for the SAT. We think this is a wonderful resource, but students should use their test results to guide their prep. All students should also study vocabulary because the exam contains many advanced words that can prevent them from understanding questions.  

We are always happy to analyze your score report for you and help you design a plan that takes your time, ability and economic situation in mind. We are glad to guide you on how you can use Khan Academy, self-study, private tutoring sessions and practice tests to meet your goals!

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