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Using Visualization for Better Reading Comprehension

Visualization—it is not just for Tibetan monks, elite athletes, and Fortune 500 CEOs. These ancient, imagination-stimulating techniques can be a powerful academic tool for decoding and reading comprehension. What is visualization, and how does it work? Courtesy of Unsplash Simply put, visualization, also called mental imagery, is the forming of images within the mind. Research indicates that competent readers are always creating “mini-movies” while they read, picturing the events, characters, and information in their mind’s eye (Bell, 2007). These visualizers readily grasp and retain concepts. Conversely, learners who visualize less…
Jamie Katzenstein
September 10, 2023
tutor and girl
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Why invest in a tutor? Four Reasons Why

Invest in a tutor for a variety of reasons. Tutors can help your child in specific areas where they are struggling. Tutors can also help your child excel past the rest of the class. A tutor is also an excellent way to meet your child's specific needs.  Reason One to invest in a tutor: To help excel past what is given in class Is your child excelling way past their grade level peers? The curriculum in class may be too easy. Bored students may end up distracted/unmotivated to challenge themselves…
Monica Ruz
March 27, 2021
Time Management During Quarantine Photo
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Time Management Schedules for the Quarantine

Due to the safer-at-home measures, students all around the world are struggling to maintain a schedule at home that incorporates both work and relaxation. Effective time management is crucial for the next few weeks. In this blog, you will find strategies to keep a good balance and get your work done.  When you think of time management, you must think in terms of long-term goals, middle, and short-term.  Long Term Time Management Long-term schedules are for a longer period of time, something like a semester or a month. Since this…
Mundo Academy
May 14, 2020