Maintaining a Healthy Approach to Academic Performance

By February 4, 2019 News
Set your intention for the day!

Negative thought processes impair growth by incapacitating risk-taking. A person who is constantly anxious and afraid to fail will have a difficult time attempting anything new for fear of failure. Some of our most wonderful accomplishments can only come from failure. We must learn to see failure as something positive. We can welcome failure as a step towards growth and greatness.

Self-awareness is key!

You may start the work on changing a negative mindset by simply becoming aware of any negative inner monologue that presently exists. Whenever you think negative thoughts, just stop and take a moment to be aware of the thought that crept into your head. Once you become aware of one negative thought, it will be easy to spot the rest. Awareness is the key to change the negativity into positivity. Once you are aware of these negative thoughts, you can begin to change them by considering where these thoughts originated and discredit them. Think about the thought one at a time…Did someone train you to think this way? We feel a lot of pressure from family, friends, teachers, media, and we get messages from all of them telling us what is expected of us. Remember though that only you have the power to accept or reject other people‚Äôs messages. Your life, your choices, and your happiness belong to you. Once you have found the awareness in your thoughts, you will want to engage in self-talk. Learn to have new conversations with yourself, using positivity as your guide.You can achieve your dreams with the right mindset and with a healthy support network and access to the resources you need. Make sure you find balance by creating networks of people who are nurturing and helpful to your process. Above all be good to yourself!

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