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Using Visualization for Better Reading Comprehension

Visualization—it is not just for Tibetan monks, elite athletes, and Fortune 500 CEOs. These ancient, imagination-stimulating techniques can be a powerful academic tool for decoding and reading comprehension. What is visualization, and how does it work? Courtesy of Unsplash Simply put, visualization, also called mental imagery, is the forming of images within the mind. Research indicates that competent readers are always creating “mini-movies” while they read, picturing the events, characters, and information in their mind’s eye (Bell, 2007). These visualizers readily grasp and retain concepts. Conversely, learners who visualize less…
Jamie Katzenstein
September 10, 2023
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Building Literacy Skills through the Science of Reading

It is hardly a secret that student literacy is tied to higher academic achievement across all subjects. And yet, unlike spoken language, humans are not neurologically primed to decipher the written word.  The "reading brain" has to create its own circuits, cobbling together preexisting parts related to vision, language, affect, and cognition. Direct instruction is needed to build this complex circuitry, and unsurprisingly, a large number of students experience reading difficulties. Over the last few decades, the educational community has begun embracing empirically-derived teaching methods, or the "science of reading,"…
Jamie Katzenstein
July 21, 2023