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How to Choose AP Courses

While we’ve talked previously about why APs are important, we haven’t addressed other questions, like how many APs you should take, and which ones. Today, we’ll discuss how to choose AP courses based on these two main factors. We’ll also reiterate our segment from last month’s blog about how to tell if your class is preparing you for the AP exam. Photo by Letizia Bordoni via Unsplash How Many APs Should I Take? The number of AP courses you take depends on your ultimate goals. Are you planning on applying…
Mundo Academy
March 15, 2022
College Entrance ExamsGetting Ready for College

Are APs Important?

With all the heightened expectations and more rigorous classwork that high school brings, you might be wondering, “What are Advanced Placement (AP) courses?” and “Are APs important?” First, let’s overview the AP and the benefits that come with it. Then, we’ll unpack what the SAT and ACT tell colleges and how that might affect your choice to take AP courses. What is an AP Course? Advanced Placement denotes that a course is a college-level standard of curriculum. Consequently, some colleges allow students to bypass introductory courses if they have taken…
Mundo Academy
February 25, 2022