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Primary Academy

Wednesday and Thursday

Liggett Street Elementary

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Rosa Parks Learning Center

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Upcoming Schools

Carlos Santana Arts Academy
Plummer Elementary
Sepulveda Middle School

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Session Reports

Please make sure to complete a session report for each student on a weekly basis.

Session Report Links by Program

Rosa Parks Star Readers Program

Even if schools are test optional, many other opportunities such as scholarships and internships may still require the you have a SAT score. You can always take the SAT and not submit it to your schools, but have a score in case you need it for other purposes.

Liggett Street Star Readers

We closely monitor the College Board website with any cancellations. However, even if the exam is cancelled, the content we review in this course will help you beyond the SAT.

Liggett Street SBAC/ELPAC

If you haven’t registered for a weekend SAT or ACT date, please do so ASAP. You can go to collegeboard.org. You may also want to ask your college counselor if there are any fee waivers available for you.

Questions about Covid Testing

Where do I take a Covid test?

You can take it on campus. Rosa Parks testing day is Wednesday and Liggett’s is Thursday. You need to provide your SSO.

What if I'm not on campus on those days?

You can schedule a free test at any LAUSD site. The closest one to our schools is Pacoima Middle School. You can also test at a location of your choice and upload the results.

What if I test positive?

Inform Marina ASAP. You must quarantine. Make a list of everyone you had close contact with and provide it to Marina